Rottnest: A little piece of paradise

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Whilst there are no shortages of beautiful beaches and rugged coastlines on the mainland of Western Australia, it is safe to say Rottnest offers something quite unique. Visiting the island gives me the feeling I’ve been entrusted with the knowledge of a secret gem that lies just 30 minutes from Perth. With pristine beaches, an untouched interior and home to the famously happy quokka, I can think of no better way to spend a day, or two.

Little Salmon Bay: A postcard-perfect spot on the south side of the island. Somewhere to stop for a swim or simply to admire the magical shades of  blue.Rottnest, WA

Getting around:  One thing that makes Rottnest so peaceful is the lack of cars, congestion and traffic. Cycling is the best way to get around the island and makes it easy to stop for a quick photo. You can add a rented bicycle to the ferry fare and will receive it once you arrive on Rottnest.
 Rottnest, WA

Quokkas: bundles of cute furriness native to Rottnest and reigning champions of Happiest Animal on Earth title. Rottnest, WA

Salt lakes: beautiful, still water on the salt lakes {located in the interior of Rottnest} reflecting the bright blue sky.Rottnest, WA

Bathurst Lighthouse: another picturesque spot to go for a dip.Rottnest, WARottnest, WA

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