Weekend City Guide: San Francisco

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Does anyone else absolutely love it when one of your best friends moves to a new city that you're desperate to visit? I certainly do! My bestie had barely unpacked her bags before my flights to San Francisco were booked for a long girly weekend. Here is my mini 3 day city guide to San Francisco which I'd like to preface by saying that 3 days is not enough time to explore all the restaurants, neighbourhoods and quirky gems that SF has to offer but I was content with all that we were able to cram into such a quick getaway. 

Friday {Day 1}

We rented bikes first thing Friday morning from Park Wide bike rental and set off along Marina Boulevard toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Standing atop the Golden Gate Bridge admiring the rugged coastal beauty of SF with the accompanying financial district in the distance was a spectacular moment. It is one of those iconic landmarks that is as imposing and wonderful in real life as depicted in photographs. I felt happy I got to experience this moment with two of my oldest and dearest friends in tow. We continued on a straight road to Sauselito to enjoy some well deserved lunch at Bar Boche and bask in the California sunshine.

Other places to eat/drink:
Mission Chinese for the world's most delicious tea-infused rice and tasty Chinese food in general
Chubby Noodle {tip: try the spicey Garlic Noodles}
El Techo for cocktails and beautiful sunset views

Saturday {Day 2} - Napa Valley

We decided to spend 1 of our precious 3 days in SF touring around the world famous Napa Valley with Platypus Wine Tours. One minor oversight on our part was forgetting to eat breakfast, which in hindsight was not the best way to start off a full day of drinking a copious amount of wine. They say eating is cheating, but in this case, I would recommend eating a hearty meal before embarking on this wine-fueled adventure. I enjoyed exploring the small, boutique wineries who made us feel at home and spent time educating us about their wine making process. We visited St Claire Brown Winery, Hopper Creek and Razi Winery

Sunday {Day 3}

The highlight of Easter Sunday {aside from wearing matching Easter socks with bunnies on them} was spending the morning in Cow Hollow wandering along Chestnut and Lombard Street admiring all the pretty shop fronts. We brunched at Rose's Cafe (the coffee cake is an absolute must!) before heading to Haight-Ashbury for a good dose of bohemian vibes and more shopping. California is renowned for it's wonderful weather and we certainly got very lucky over the weekend.  We headed to Golden Gate Park to soak up some vitamin-D and channel our 5-year-old-selves. We found a pretty patch of daisies and sat in the sunshine making daisy chains, and proceeded to wear them, before riding the carousel. True and long lasting friends are  people who you can be free around, people who will make daisy chains with you, frolic in public parks with you and be the only other adult riding a carousel with you. Those are the best types of friends and being able to get together and be silly makes travelling to new cities even more special. 

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