A day in the Cotswolds

Saturday 23 May 2015

The Cotswolds is probably one of the most beautiful places to go in England. The region is full of quaint little towns and villages nestled into the heart of the English countryside - a pastoral daydreamer's fantasy. The stone cottages turn a soft golden colour in the late afternoon sun and budding wisteria hangs delicately from garden archways. There is something truly lovely and happy about walking through these quiet villages taking in all the picturesque scenery and getting a feeling for simple, rural life. 
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Lower Slaughter - Upper Slaughter walk: we started in a village called Lower Slaughter and walked one mile through a country field to the even smaller village of Upper Slaughter. After wandering around the village and admiring the beauty of a postcard-perfect spot, we walked back to Lower Slaughter and had lunch at the Slaughters Country Inn. A cozy, 17th century Inn with low lying ceilings and a wonderful terrace overlooking the River Eye. 

After lunch we drove about 20 minutes to the bigger town of Chipping Campden where we enjoyed browsing around local artisan food stores and boutique shops. My purchase of the day was a box of clotted cream fudge and a handmade, wild-fig candle. We ended our pleasant day in the Cotswolds with afternoon tea at The King's Hotel on the high street in the centre of town. The beauty of the Cotswolds lies in its simple, rural charm which tricks you into believing you're on the set of Downton Abbey.

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