Café No Sé

Tuesday 1 December 2015

I've been exploring the Austin coffee scene for a few months now and this is by far my favourite aesthetically. As superficial as it sounds, I love a space that is appeasing to the eye and makes you feel as if a lot of detail has gone into planning it. Even my boyfriend who doesn't {always} take notice of pretty subtleties said this café was 'an intagrammers day dream' - and yes, I couldn't agree more. The space made me feeling instantly happy and light, a retreat where you could easily spend hours browsing through the large selection of magazines or tucking into a good book. 

Upon entering I instantly fell in love with the large communal dining table sitting pretty in centre stage above a sea of turquoise tiles giving the place a laid-back, beachy vibe. The white wooden chairs and rustic white-washed walls took me back to Perth. I felt I could have been eating breakfast at Cottesloe beach on one of those perfect Australian summer days. 

Most importantly, the food and coffee were delicious. Matt and I both ordered the whole grain granola + greek yogurt and honey {avocado toast was a close second}. The seeds gave it a crunchy texture that blended well with the creamy greek yogurt and honey. The subtle taste of giner mixed with fresh raspberries, blackberries and strawberries was the perfect combination for me and a great choice when you're craving something fresh and light to start the day. I will certainly be going back for seconds. 

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