JORD Wooden Watch

Monday, 20 February 2017

I've always kept it simple when it comes to accessories and and the only piece of jewelry I wear everyday is my great-grandmothers gold wedding band (nope, I'm not married) so when my Jord watch arrived in the post, you can image how thrilled I was to add something fresh to mix things up a bit. My first impression was how perfectly the strap fit my wrist and even though I had sent my measurement, I wasn't certain if the strap would be quite right, turns out they were spot on. Secondly, I adore wood. I think the colour and texture of wood generally whether it be flooring, tables, furniture - anything really, adds so much depth and texture to a look and the Jord watch is no different. It goes perfectly with neutral tones for the colder months we are still enduring. I use the term enduring lightly, I do live in Austin, Texas after all and we all know winters here are a delights, but I do continue to sport chunky, neutral knits despite the warm Texas winters. I don't think the photos quite do the watch justice, it really is a stunning piece in person and as someone who has a tendency to be late, the large watch face assists me in becoming more punctual. Photographed below is the stunning Frankie Zebrawood & Navy. If you'd like to win a $100 gift code for a Jord watch for a a significant other (there are designs for both the men and women in your life) or someone in the family, scroll to the bottom to enter! 

Luxury Wooden Watch


  1. I think you are my type of person. Just like you i also do not like heavy jewelry and i only wear watch.

  2. loved o see your blog , your wrist watch is looking so adorable, i really enjoyed to visit this site, keep posting more with this, amazing! stay blessed! have a nice day!

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